TruePulse would like to purchase a FC9691IO51 card for the Fujitsu FlashWave 5221.

The FC9691IO51, HECI code COUIAHP, is a single-port 10-GbE Interface Unit for a Fujitsu FW5221, or FlashWave 5221.

The FlashWave 5000 Series, including the FW5221, is a metro network Ethernet Transport System.  It is typically used in conjunction with a metro optical Multi-Services Provisioning Platform (MSPP), such as the FlashWave 4000 Series.  This metro network would be used with a WDM system for transmitting information within a region, and multiplexing and transmitting to another.

In addition to the FW5221 FC9691IO51, we are looking for modules for other Fujitsu FlashWave optical networking platforms, such as the FlashWave 9500, the FlashWave 7420, and the FLASH-192.  Please contact us for an offer on any surplus equipment that you have available.


Updated November 9, 2020

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