Happy Earth Day!  Every April 22 is Earth Day.  Our planet is a beautiful and wonderful thing.  We all need to work together to protect it.

We in the telecommunications industry are in a unique situation.  Telecommunications networks have tremendous potential to reduce the impact that we have on the environment by allowing people to speak with family and friends, without having to travel to visit them.  By allowing workers to collaborate around the world, without having to have meetings at the same place.  The potential benefits from telecommunications networks on our world are huge.

But so are the responsibilities.  Just as in many other industries, we are all striving to provide the most technologically advanced, cutting edge solutions out there.  The desire to scrap everything and start with the newest and greatest is ever present.  Some of the equipment that is scrapped have nasty elements on them, and required other nasty elements in their creation.

Let us think about both the potential benefits of telecommunications on our planet’s environment, and the cost to it.  Not just today, Earth Day, but every day.

Remember, this planet is not just for us, but also for our grand kids, and their grand kids, and hopefully even their grand kids.

Learn more about Earth Day.  See our Environmental Policy.


Reduce - Recyle - Reuse

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