TruePulse is looking for an IBM RS/6000 10J2962-L2.  Any chance you still have one hanging around?

The 10J2962-L2, or 10J2962, is a System Planar for an IBM RS/6000 Model 7015-R24.

The RISC System/6000 (RS/6000) is a family of RISC-based UNIX servers and workstations.

The Model R24 has a 71.5 MHz POWER2 processor with 128 kb data cache, 32 kb instruction cache and 2MB level 2 (L2) cache.  Standard features include two 64MB memory cards for a total of 128MB of memory, two 2.0GB SCSI-2 Fast/Wide Disk Drives, a CD-ROM-2 drive, a 5GB 8mm tape drive, a 1.44MB diskette drive, integrated SCSI, a SCSI-2 adapter (either SCSI-2 Fast/Wide or SCSI-2 Fast/Wide Differential adapter) and fifteen available Micro Channel(R) expansion slots in a ten Electronics Industries Association (EIA) unit enclosure.  The Model R24 was discontinued in 1998.

Please let us know if you have a 10J2962-L2 or 10J2962 available.

TruePulse buys and sells central office telecommunication including IBM, Lucent, Ciena, Tellabs and Nortel.

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Updated April 16, 2021

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