According to February 23, 2015 published report by Infonetics Research, the global market for WDM optical systems grew by 6% in 2014 to US$10 billion. However, not all optical vendors shared equally in the success.

Ciena grew by 12% in optical sales, while Alcatel-Lucent shrunk by 3%, resulting in Ciena overtaking Alcatel-Lucent as the world market share leader. Adva and Infinera also showed strong sales growth. The vendors traditionally considered to be the powerhouses, Alcatel-Lucent, Fujitsu and Coriant all showed market share losses.

Andrew Schmitt, principal analyst at Infonetics, said “The pattern here could not be clearer: companies whose fortunes are tied to traditional carriers are underperforming. Yet the press and investor echo chamber’s fascination with AT&T and Verizon spending inexplicably remains.”

In another interesting note, sales of SONET/SDH continued to nosedive, down another 25% in 2014.

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