TruePulse would like to purchase Lucent DACS II KCR1 and TG60C circuit packs.  But you may be familiar with them as AT&T KCR1 and AT&T TG60C, or under brands Alcatel-Lucent or even Nokia.

The DACS II Access Cross-Connect (DACS II AX) is a 1/1 cross-connect used for traffic grooming. It is available in a 4 or 11 slot version.  The DACS II AX-11 is a 10.5” (6 rack unit) high, 19” wide flush mount chassis. (An optional 23” flush and 23” center mount is available.) The DACS II AX-11 resident TDM mid-plane can support time slot level cross-connects for the equivalent of 168 T1s on a non-blocking basis. In its most simplistic configurations, the DACS II AX-11 can be used as a 88-port T1/E1 (11 Octal T1/E1 module sets) or a 6-port DS-3 DACS.

The DACS II AX-4 is a 5.25” (3 rack unit) high tabletop chassis. (An optional 19” wide flush and center mount is available.) The DACS II AX-4 accommodates up to four module sets in addition to its system manager card and integrated power supply. It also supports an optional redundant system manager card. The DACS II AX-4 mid-plane architecture and capacity is identical to that of the DACS II AX-11. In this case, a 32-port T1/E1 or 4-port DS-3 DACS can be configured.

We are currently seeking:

The KCR1, HECI code T1D2J0S, Comcode 106433212 is a Lucent DACS II Facility Line Interface, or simply, a DS3 Multiplexer circuit pack

The TG60C, HECI code T1D20B0, Comcode 108135526, is a Lucent DACS II Timing Unit, or Sync circuit pack.  Also known as a TBS3 (Time Base, Stratum 3) for domestic use.

In addition to the DACS II modules KCR1 and TG60C, we are also looking for circuit packs to other many other SONET cross-connects including the Lucent DACS III,  Lucent DACS IV, Nortel DNX-100, Alcatel DEXCS and the Tellabs Titan 5500.


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