TruePulse is seeking KFA203 and KFA204 for the Lucent LambdaUnite 1675 MSS (Multi-Service Switch).   You may also be familiar with them as the Alcatel-Lucent KFA203 and KFA204, or possibly the Nokia KFA203 and KFA204.

The KFA203, HECI code WMTUEUC, Comcode 109055657, is a LambdaUnite OC-48 Optical Pack, OP2G5 / 1.3 µm LR4, 40 km.

The KFA204, HECI code WMTUEVC, Comcode 109055665, is a LambdaUnite OC-48 Optical Pack, OP2G5/ 1.5 µm LR4, 80 km.

The Lucent 1675 LambdaUnite MultiService Switch (MSS) platform is designed to support both SONET and SDH standards.  It supports:

  • 10-Gbit/s, 2.5-Gbit/s, 622-Mbit/s and 155-Mbit/s optical, 155-Mbit/s and 45- /51-Mbit/s electrical synchronous interfaces
  • Direct 1-Gbit/s Ethernet and 10-Gbit/s EthernetWANPHY compatible optical data interfaces
  • Direct 10-Gbit/s Ethernet LANPHY compatible optical data interfaces
  • The GE10PL1/1A8 Gigabit Ethernet unit supports forwarding, encapsulation and mapping of Ethernet frames with lengths up to 9242 bytes (jumbo frames).
  • DWDM, CWDM and passive WDM compatible optics
  • Optical Network Navigation System (ONNS) (ASON), offering automatic connection setup and removal, automatic restoration, automatic topology discovery and dynamic network optimization in meshed topologies
  • 2-fiber BLSR/MS-SPRing on 10-Gbit/s and 2.5-Gbit/s interfaces
  • 4-fiber BLSR/MS-SPRing on 10-Gbit/s and on 2.5 Gbit/s interfaces with asymmetric ring support
  • 4-fiber MS-SPRing with TransOceanic Protocol (“TOP”) on 10-Gbit/s and on 2.5-Gbit/s interfaces
  • 4-fiber MS-SPRing with EXtra traffic re-establishment (“TOP+EX”) on 10-Gbit/s interfaces
  • 1+1 linear APS / MSP for 10-Gbit/s, 2.5-Gbit/s, 622-Mbit/s and 155-Mbit/s interface ports, provisionable on existing cross-connections
  • 1:1 MSP (with Preemptible Protection Access) for 10-Gbit/s, 2.5-Gbit/s, 622-Mbit/s and 155-Mbit/s interface ports
  • Unidirectional Path Switched Ring (UPSR) / Subnetwork Connection Protection (SNC/I and SNC/N) for all types of cross-connections and any mix of supported interfaces
  • Dual Ring Interworking (DRI, SONET) / Dual Node Interworking (DNI, SDH) between two BLSR / MS-SPRing / UPSR / SNCP protected rings
  • Flexible, non-blocking VT1.5, VC-12, VC-3 (lower-order), STS-1/VC-3 (higher-order), STS-3c/VC-4, STS-12c/VC-4-4c, STS-48c/VC-4-16c and STS-192c/VC-4-64c cross-connection granularity
  • Capacity of the main switching units (XC): 160 Gbit/s (3072 × 3072 STS-1 / 1024 × 1024 VC-4), respectively 320 Gbit/s (6144 × 6144 STS-1 / 2048 × 2048 VC-4), or 640 Gbit/s (12288 × 12288 STS-1 / 4096 × 4096 VC-4)
  • Capacity of the lower-order switching units:
  • 15 Gbit/s (288 × 288 VC-3 (lower-order), 6048 × 6048 VC-12 or 8064 × 8064 VT1.5.)
  • 40 Gbit/s (768 × 768 VC-3 (lower-order), 16128 × 16128 VC-12 or 21504 × 21504 VT1.5)
  • TransMUX feature: end-to-end connectivity across a transport network consisting of legacy PDH equipment and newer SONET transport nodes. Using the Portless TransMUX Card (TMUX2G5/1), it is possible to remap channelized DS3 signals carrying DS1s into VT1.5 signals and vice versa.
  • Multiple Ring Closure
  • Telcordia Management Support
  • TL1 operations interface
  • Manageable by Optical Management System (OMS) and by the WaveStar Craft Interface Terminal (CIT)

Not sure if this product is still supported by Nokia.

In addition to the KFA203 and KFA204 modules, please let us know if you have any other LambdaUnite 1675 MSS modules available.  We are also interested in other Alcatel-Lucent platforms, such as the DACS IV, the Galaxy Power System, AnyMedia Access System, and the 5ESS.  Please let us know what you have available.


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