TruePulse is interested in purchasing LNW141 and LNW801 modules for the Lucent Metropolis DMX.  You may also be familiar with it as an Alcatel-Lucent 1665, or a Nokia 1665.

The LNW141, HECI code SOUIARF, Comcode 109567149, is a VLF (Very Large Fabric) Main circuit pack that supports one OC-192 interface and provides a total 60G of input/Output interfaces. The LNW141 has 80G of usable STS-1 fabric and 10G of usable VT fabric. The LNW141 VLF Main circuit packs enable 0x1equipage. In many cases, this doubles the overall capacity of the shelf. The pack could support a 185 G STS-1 fabric and a 25G VT fabric with future tributary enhancements.

The LNW801, HECI code SOOMACR Comcode 109664490, supports 56DS1/E1.  It is a redesigned version of the LNW8. It enables PM functionality on DS1 and E1 interfaces (E1 functionality provisionable on a per pack basis).  It is OSP hardened.

The LNW801 circuit packs can be used only in the High-Capacity shelf and contain 56 DS1/E1 ports that can be cross-connected to VT or STS-1 time slots in DS1 mode and STS3(c) time slots in E1 mode. The LNW8/LNW801 circuit packs have common functionality and they are directly interchangable. Beginning in Release 9.1, an LNW8 and an LNW801 can occupy companion slots at the same time.

The 56DS1/E1 packs are 1×1 protected by default, and non-revertive protection switching is supported. The LNW8/LNW801 does not support true 0x1 operation. The LNW8 and LNW801 can be used as a protection pair. For unprotected operation, install an LNW8/LNW801 in one slot and leave the companion slot empty. There is no application parameter to provision. The Alcatel-Lucent 1665 DMXtend does not allow electrical TDM packs (and other packs that require rear access) to be paired with any other working packs in the same Function group or Growth group.

In addition to the LNW141 and LNW801, we are searching for other Lucent Metropolis DMX modules too.  In addition, We are interested in modules for many other Lucent platforms, such as the 5ESS, the FT-2000, the GTD-5 and the WaveStar OLS 40G.  Please let us know about all surplus Lucent telecom gear that you have available.

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