Are you looking to de-install your Nortel MG-4000 products?  Well there still is an active market for these, and TruePulse is interested in buying them for from you.  We are currently looking for NTLX44AA with HECI code of ENI250P or ENI250N.

In addition to the NTLX44AA, we are looking for NTLX72BA and NTLX86BA.  In the past, we have looked for NTLX06AB, NTLX06AC, NTLX07AA, NTLX07BA, NTLX08AB, NTLX14CA and NTLX82BA.

A Multiservice Media Gateway (MG) 4000 is a trunk gateway located between Time Division Multiplex (TDM) and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks. Said differently, it can synchronize between a SPME (Spectral Peripheral Module for DMS switch) and a RSCE (Remote Switching Center).

If you are planning to de-install your MG-4000 platform soon, please let us know.

TruePulse has been involved with helping Nortel and Genband customers to keep their networks running for 15 years.

Genband NTLX44AA

Nortel NTLX44AA

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