TruePulse is looking to purchase BKG1 and BKG2 boards for the Lucent 5ESS.  The board may also be branded as AT&T BKG1 and AT&T BKG2, Alcatel-Lucent BKG1 and Alcatel-Lucent BKG2, or Nokia BKG1 and Nokia BKG2.

The BKG1, HECI code E5PQAFM, Comcode number 106916869, is a 5ESS Remote L Group CCI

The BKG2, HECI code E5PQAFN, Comcode number 106916877, is also a 5ESS Remote L Group CCI

Both the BKG1 and BKG2 are part of the ISLU2, or Integrated Services Line Unit Module 2.  The ISLU2 terminates both analog & digital subscriber lines. The ISLU2 is equipped in SMs that have ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) & its primary purpose is to provide service to the ISDN subscribers.

The SM, or Switching Module, connects all lines and trunks to the 5ESS-2000 Switch. It performs most of the call processing functions. There can be many SMs per 5ESS- 2000 Switch.

In addition to the BKG1 and BKG2, TruePulse is also looking for other 5ESS boards.  We are also looking for other modules from other Lucent systems such as the WaveStar OLS 400G, the DACS IV and the DDM-2000. Please let us know about any surplus that you may have.

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Updated April 21, 2020

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