TruePulse’s website is finally back up and running after a malware attack to our server.  We have not been alone facing internet security problems recently.  On October 21, a major DDoS (Distributed denial of service) attack on key domain name servers knocked out many top websites.   Not to mention rampant ransomware…

According to an AT&T survey, 90% of US organizations had at least one malware-related incident during the past 12 months while 63% faced a ransomware attack. Between July 1 and August 30 of this year, ransomware attacks were up seven-fold.  Clearly, unethical organizations are making large profits. Unfortunately, these organizations are difficult to pursue as many are situated in countries without a functioning rule of law.

However, AT&T believes most attacks can be stopped. They recently issued a document, “The CEO’s Guide to Navigating the Threat Landscape”, which outlines that with precautions and vigilance, most problems can be curtailed.

According to Jason Porter, VP of Security Solutions at AT&T, “The majority of cybersecurity threats are known. Defending against the known is a balanced, level-headed approach that better secures your organization.”

For us, our website outage was a major nuisance.  But for a real ecommerce site, being down for a week is crippling.  Time for all of us to take more precautions and be vigilant.

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