TruePulse is looking to purchase MC1P058A1 and MC5D215A2 boards for the Lucent 5ESS.  The board may also be branded as AT&T MC1P058A1 and AT&T MC5D215A2, Alcatel-Lucent MC1P058A1 and Alcatel-Lucent MC5D215A2, or Nokia MC1P058A1 and Nokia MC5D215A2.

MC1P058A1, HECI code ETMQ07E, Comcode 104232301, is a 5ESS Microcode Circuit Pack.  The Microcoded circuit pack consists of a carrier pack equipped with components including EPROM(s) which may be programmed. 

MC5D215A2 I-8, HECI code E5MQAHS, uses a carrier board TN1276 with possible Comcodes 109149690 109086520 & 107284036.  The MC5D215A1 board is a 5ESS High/Medium Stability Controller.  It was DA’d. The MC5D215A1 cannot be substituted for the MC5D215A2, when the NC CLI value on RCV 17.16 is CLI=80 for the MC5D215A2 board.

Beyond the MC1P058A1 and MC5D215A2, TruePulse is also seeking other 5ESS boards.  We are also looking for other modules from other Lucent systems such as the WP51B, the FT-2000, the OLS 400G and the DMX.

Lucent MC-5D215A2 E5MQAHS

Updated November 10, 2020

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