Nokia will launch their “anyhaul” end-to-end mobile transport portfolio at next week’s Mobile World Conference 2017.  In this portfolio, Nokia brings together mobile transport technology across microwave, IP, optical, mobile and fixed access to offer industry’s most comprehensive ‘anyhaul’ mobile transport portfolio.  It is an end-to-end solution is specifically designed and optimized to address the critical requirements of the 5G era.  Part of the “anyhaul” portfolio is an expanded 1830 PSS optical transport platform.

The Nokia portfolio has also been optimized for 10Gbps cell site connections, up from the previous 1Gbps interface which has dominated 2G/3G and LTE backhaul deployments for nearly a decade. With these capacities comes greater need for high availability and each product offers enhanced capabilities, including timing, synchronization and OAM, optimized to their specific technologies.

Nokia is introducing Integrated Packet Transport cards for the Nokia 1830 PSS to support Ethernet-based transmission requirements.  They will support packet aggregation up to 100 Gbps and low-latency coherent DWDM transmission with time synchronization. Various versions of the cards come will support the diverse traffic requirements of “anyhaul”.  The 1830 PSS is one of the platforms that was acquired through the Alcatel-Lucent purchase,

John Byrne, Service Director, Global Telecom Technology and Software, GlobalData, said: “With the advent of 5G just around the corner, mobile operators are looking forward to a new era of denser radio networks, new spectrum, dramatically higher bandwidth and ultra-low latency. But for all its promise, 5G will make transport networks infinitely more complex, requiring extreme flexibility across the entire network spanning fronthaul, backhaul and core. A programmable, end-to-end transport network that can accommodate a variety of 5G use cases such as SmartGrid and the Internet of Things as well as 2G/3G and LTE will be a crucial part of any operator’s solution.”

For more information on the 1830 PSS is here.

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Nokia 1830 PSS

Nokia 1830 PSS

Updated July 30, 2020

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