Nortel Networks

15 years ago this month, Nortel Networks’ shares hit an all-time high of $124.50 on Toronto’s stock market.  There may have been parties by Nortel employees and shareholders then, but none to mark this anniversary.  At its peak, Nortel represented 37% of the TSX Composite Index.  This was at a time when it appeared that all of the old rules of business no longer applied to telecom companies.

Not only does Nortel not exist as a company, but the brands are gone too.  The product remnants are with Optera optical transport group to Ciena, their DMS switching group to Genband, their Enterprise business to Avaya, their Passport data products to Hitachi, and their GSM business to Ericsson and Kapsch.

What went wrong?  Too much to say in a single blog entry.  Phone me when you have a spare two hours for my assessment.

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