Still running Nortel (or should we say Ciena) LH1600 equipment? TruePulse has in stock a broad range of modules, including the hard to find wavelengths. We also stock the Tri-FEC versions. For example, we have in-stock the NTCF04HP, the 10G AM2 XR 1541.349nm module, with a HECI code of SN2TGP0BAA.

But we have many others in-stock too. For example, the NTCF04FP, NTCF04GP, NTCF04JP, NTCF04KP, NTCF04LP, NTCF04MP, NTCF04NQ, NTCF04PP, NTCF04QP, NTCF04RP, NTCF04VP, NTCF04WP, NTCF04XP, NTCF04ZP

Please contact us for all your optical transport Nortel OC-192 requirements.

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