TruePulse is searching for a NTHW84AA for the Nortel MSS 15000. The MSS, or Multi-Services Switch, is sometimes also known as the Nortel Passport 15000.

The NTHW84AA, HECI code BA1CTU0, is a VSP3 (Voice Services Processor 3) card for a Nortel MSS 15000.  It is for use with CS-2000 (DMS-100 Succession Communication Server 2000) in a PVG (Passport Voice Gateway).  You may also be familiar with this module as an Ericsson NTHW84AA, as the Nortel MSS15000 was rebranded the Ericsson PPX.

The Passport 15000 Multiservice WAN Switch offers a solution for customers who require high capacity and trunking speeds that exceed STM-1/OC-3 bandwidth, which at the time was “state of the art”. Passport 15000 supports ATM, frame relay, IP routing and switching, MPLS, circuit emulation and voice services. Passport 15000 was suited to be a backbone core switching platform.  It is still in use in networks around the world.

TruePulse is also looking for modules for many other Nortel voice platforms, including the DMS-100, CS-2000, DMS-1U, MSL-100 and DMS SuperNode.  Please let us know about any decommissioned Nortel equipment that you have.

Updated November 12, 2020

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