TruePulse is looking to purchase NTWR06CA for the Nortel Optera Connect DX system. 

The NTWR06CA, HECI code WMTUMV0, is an OC-192 intermediate reach (IR) T/R interface.  You may also know them as the Ciena NTWR06CA.  Please note that it is only used in OPTera Connect DX network elements running OPTera Connect DX Release 4.1 or above. The OC-192 IR T/R interface circuit pack is specifically designed for intermediate reach (within 40 km) applications. The NTWR06CA interface circuit pack can be installed in the same slots supported by the OC-192 SR T/R interface circuit pack. It supports both single FEC and no FEC.

The transmit circuitry of the NTWR06CA receives 16 STS-12 serial streams from the backplane in switched applications. These signals are multiplexed together to form a serial NRZ electrical signal that is then converted to an optical signal (the OC-192 IR T/R interface circuit pack performs the transmit and receive functions simultaneously).

The receive circuitry of the NTWR06CA receives an optical signal and converts it to an electrical NRZ signal. The signal then demultiplexes to 16 STS-12 serial streams. The backplane interface is differential CML with clocks for every two data links. Section and line overhead bytes are also monitored and inserted in both the transmit and receive paths. Selective path overhead monitoring is also performed. Backplane data can be active on either one of the two planes (‘A’ or ‘B’) in switched applications. The OC-192 SR T/R interface circuit pack also receives two external clock signals, one from each switch for synchronization. One is selected to synchronize both the 622MHz and 10GHz phase locked loops.

In addition to the NTWR06CA, TruePulse is interested in other Nortel Optera Connect DX modules as well.  Furthermore, we are looking for optical equipment from other vendors, including Lucent Technologies, Omnitron, Fujikura and Fujitsu.  Please let us know about any excess optical equipment that you may have.

Nortel Optera DX Connect optical module
Nortel Optera DX Connect optical module

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