TruePulse is interested in purchasing NT0X70AA and NT3A77GK modules for the Nortel DMS-100 voice switch.  The Nortel DMS-100 was Nortel’s Class 5 voice switch.

NT0X70AA, HECI code ENPQN0L, is a Nortel DMS-100 Trunk Module Processor. The trunk module (TM) processor card controls or performs the operations on a trunk module shelf. The TM processor card contains a microprocessor driven by read only memory (ROM) firmware and two random access memory (RAM) devices. One RAM stores program information and the second RAM stores operational information. Operational information includes connection information for pulse code modulation (PCM) channel-to-trunk assignments. The second RAM includes circuits that generate the clock signal, check parity and perform synchronization.  You may be familiar with this part alternately as the Genband NT0X70AA or the Ribbon NT0X70AA.

NT3A77GK, HECI code SLPQ0F7, is a Nortel DMS-1U Firmwave RU-36.1.  The DMS-1U, or DMS-1 Urban, is one of the types of subscriber loop concentrators for the Nortel DMS-100. You may be familiar with this part alternately as the Genband NT3A77GK or the Ribbon NT3A77GK.

The DMS-100 is no longer supported by Genband nor Ribbon Communications.

In addition to the NT0X70AA and the NT3A77GK, TruePulse is interested in purchasing other DMS-100 cards.  We are also looking for boards for other voice switches including the Nortel MSL-100, the Lucent 5ESS and the GTE GTD-5.

Nortel DMS-100

Updated April 22, 2020

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