TruePulse would like to purchase decommissioned NT2X45AB and NT2X45CA boards for the Nortel DMS-100.  You may also be familiar with them as the Genband NT2X45AB / NT2X45CA.

The NT2X45AB, HECI code ENPQN1X, is a DMS-100 Trunk Module interface card.

The NT2X45CA, HECI code ENPQAKS, is also a DMS-100 Trunk Module interface card.

An earlier version of the Trunk Module interface card is the NT2X45AA, HECI code ENPQALV.

The NT2X45AB and NT2X45CA handle communication between the analog transmission and signaling trunk facilities and the digital multiplex circuits in the trunk module. The number and type of cards selected must match the type of trunk facilities. Some cards have two trunk interface circuits. Other cards have one trunk interface circuit. Limits determine the number of trunk interface circuits.

The NT2X45AB / NT2X45CA consists of the several operating sections:

Timing and control circuits

The timing and control functions are as follows:

• distribution of clock and frame pulse to the related cards

• bit and channel timing

• data bus buffering

Network data receiver

The network data receiver functions consist of:

• dual ac transmission interface

• biphase decoder

• clock and frame selection

• clock stability created by phase-locked loop

• channel alignment

• network B-message removal

Trunk interface

The trunk interface functions are as follows:

• channel R-data selection between plane 0 or 1

• trunk R-message insertion

• channel R-parity bit check

• channel R-integrity bit removal

• trunk R-data selection

• data selection for the trunk bypass register

• channel X-integrity bit insertion

• trunk parity check

Coder-decoder interface

The CODEC interface functions include:

• generation of control signals for the CODEC card

• digital pad multiplication of analog data bytes

Network transmitter

The network transmitter functions consist of:

• trunk X-message removal

• network X-data selection

• network X-message insertion

• X-parity bit generation and insertion

• frame pulse insertion

• biphase encoding

• dual ac transmission

Genband, now Ribbon Communications, no longer supports the DMS-100.

In addition to the NT2X45AB and NT2X45CA, we are interested in other Nortel DMS-100 circuit packs.  Furthermore, we are looking for circuit packs for other Nortel platforms, such as the FMT-150, Optera Connect DX, OME 6500 and the OM 3500.  We are looking to buy Nortel!

Nortel DMS-100

Updated November 9, 2020

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