TruePulse would like to obtain NT3A36AA and NT3A39AB modules for the Nortel DMS-1U.

The NT3A36AA, HECI code SLCSN20, is a Nortel DMS-1U Maintenance module.

The NT3A39AB, HECI code SLCSN55, is a Nortel DMS-1U Ring Generator/Universal module.

The DMS-1U, or DMS-1 Urban, is one of the types subscriber loop concentrators for the Nortel DMS-100.  The SCM-100U provides a digital interface between the DMS-100 and the remote terminal (RT) of the DMS-1U system. The term RT is used to describe the DMS-1U in its stand-alone configuration (also called the universal configuration). The term remote concentrator urban (RCU) is used to describe the DMS-1U when it is fully integrated into the DMS-100 switch (the SCM-100U is the peripheral module that integrates the DMS-1U into the DMS-100 switch).

The SCM-100/RCU system supports the following types of ringing:

• 2-second ring, 4-second silence for single party

• 2-second ring, 4-second silence for multiparty

• coded ringing for multiparty

• revertive ringing for multiparty.

Ribbon Communications no longer supports the DMS-1U.

Do you have NT3A36AA or NT3A39AB available?

TruePulse buys and sells modules for the Nortel DMS-1U and DMS-100.  We also do so for other voice switching systems, including the Nortel MSL-100, the Lucent 5ESS and the GTE GTD-5.  Please contact us if you have surplus equipment available.


Updated November 26, 2020

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