TruePulse is searching for NT3T30AA and NT3T50BA cards for the Nortel DMS-10.

The NT3T30AA, HECI code EMPQPAD, is a DMS-10 Fuse Alarm card.  You may possibly be familiar with it as a Genband NT3T30AA.

The NT3T50BA, HECI code EMPQABH, is a DMS-10 Data Link Controller card.  You may possibly be familiar with it as a Genband NT3T50BA.

The NT3T30AA and NT3T50BA are no longer supported by Ribbon Communications.

The DMS-10 was the first commercially successful Class 5 digital switch in the North American used at central office locations.  The DMS-10 is still widely used by rural wireline providers.  The DMS-10 can support up to 20,000 different lines (for larger sites, Nortel’s solution is the DMS-100).  The DMS-10 also provides users with an array of functions, including basic dial tone services and advanced voice and data networking.

The DMS-10 can be configured as:

  • End Office—a switching center where subscriber loops are terminated and interswitch trunks and local lines are interconnected for extended area and toll calls
  • Access Tandem—a major switching center linking together end offices, particularly where it is not economical to provide direct connection into or between all end offices
  • Signaling Relay Point (SRP)—provides A-link consolidation to reduce the cost of CCS7 deployment to rural networks
  • Service Switching Point (SSP)—provides CCS7 trunk signaling or data base queries for call routing
  • Signaling Transfer Point (STP)—provides message routing and link management to support interswitch call control and service access
  • Service Control Point (SCP)—provides intelligent network functionality for service providers
  • Cluster Configuration—in multi-switch configurations, one DMS-10 is designated as the Host Switching Office (HSO) or Large Cluster Controller (LCC) and the supports up to 16 other offices as Satellite Switching Offices (SSOs), enabling consolidation of major billing, administration and maintenance functions
  • Standard Configuration—has a capacity of up to 20,000 lines

More recent software releases support Nortel Remove Access Concentrators RAC8000 and RAC5399, and even VoIP.

In addition to the NT3T30AA and NT3T50BA, TruePulse is interested in other DMS-10 circuit packs.  We are also looking for circuit packs for other voice switches, including the DMS-100, the Lucent 5ESS, the GTE GTD-5 and the DMS-1U.

Nortel DMS-100

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