TruePulse is looking to secure NT3X23AB and NT3X90 for the Nortel DMS-100.  However, you may possibly be familiar with these as either Genband NT3X23AB and Genband NT3X90, or as Ribbon Communications NT3X23AB and Ribbon Communications NT3X90.

The NT3X23AB, HECI code ENPQN3Y, is a Nortel DMS-100 Network Signalling Controller

The NT3X90, HECI code ENA0046 / ENA0046BEL, is a Nortel DMS-100 cooling unit. It is provided in the bottom shelf of each NM (Network Module) frame.  For reliability, NT3X90 and NT0X30 type cooling units in an NM frame are configured in the same manner as that for the CCC or MEX frame.  This is regardless of the NM frame being a type NT5X13 (NETC) or a NT0X48 (NET).

Fan switches in the cooling unit (NT3X90) monitor frame cooling.  A fan that has faults causes application of the -48V ABS from F08 through the fan switch return to the alarm circuit A3. This event closes the fan fail lamp circuit to BR and F06, and causes the lamp to light. The fan fail condition provides an alarm input to A2 through the fan alarm override switch S1. This event results in an aisle alarm and a frame fail lamp indication. When you want the fan fail lamp indication only, the user switches to S1 to the fan alarm override position. This action cancels the aisle alarm and frame fail, but leaves the fan fail indication on. This action releases the alarm circuit A2 to monitor other alarm inputs. The fan fail lamp remains lit until the fan alarm input stops and switch S1 restores to the normal (no override) position.

Ribbon Communications no longer supports the NT3X23AB / NT3X90 nor other DMS-100 modules.

In addition to the NT3X23AB and NT3X90, TruePulse is looking for other Nortel DMS-100 modules too.  We are also looking for modules for other Nortel platforms including the OME 6500, the Connect DX/HDX, the S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE and the DMS-1U.


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