TruePulse is hunting for NT3X70AA and NT3X82AA for the Nortel DMS-100. You may possibly also know them as the Genband NT3X70AA and Genband NT3X82AA or the Ribbon Communications NT3X70AA and Ribbon Communications NT3X82AA.

The NT3X70AA, HECI code ENPQAX4, is a Nortel DMS-100 Network Crosspoint (XPT) Card. The NT3X70AA contains first-stage and second-stage TS. The first-stage DMP stores parallel data that represent voice samples. Switching occurs when data transfers from the original location in the first-stage TS DM to another location in the second-stage DM. The connection memories (CM) perform switching. The system CC controls the CM through the NMC and CMC.

The NT3X82AA, HECI code ENPQN3G, is a Nortel DMS-100 OAU (Office Alarm Unit) Dead System with unique audible.  The NT3X82AA card uses relays and detectors to operate many alarms in a DMS-100 office. The card monitors the communications with the central control (CC) and sounds an alarm if communications fail. The card also monitors the activities of the card and operates alarms if these activities fail.

TruePulse is looking for other Nortel DMS-100 modules too.  We are also looking for modules for other Class 5 Voice Switches, including Lucent’s 5ESS and GTE’s GTD-5.

Nortel DMS-100

Updated April 28, 2020

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