TruePulse is searching for NT5A13BE, NT5A14AB and NT5A18AE circuit packs for the Nortel DNX-100, or as it was called back then: the Northern Telecom DNX-100. Any chance that you have one of these antiques?

The DNX-100 was one of Nortel earlier Digital Cross-Connection Systems, of the similar vintage as the Nortel FD-565.  The system has long been discontinued.  It is not one of the Nortel optical transport product platforms supported by Ciena.

The NT5A13BE, HECI code T1DAZ8B, is a DNX-100 Enhanced Memory card

The NT5A14AB, HECI code T1DAZ8D, is a DNX-100 Control Processor card

The NT5A18AE, HECI code T1DAZ7B, is a DNX-100 Admin card

In addition to the DNX-100, TruePulse is searching for modules for other Digital Cross-Connection Systems, including Lucent’s DACS IV, the Alcatel’s DEXCS and the Tellabs Titan 5500.

Northern Telecom, or Nortel, logo

Updated April 28, 2020

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