Do you have decommissioned NT5E02AC and NT5E05BB available for sale?  TruePulse is looking to buy.  They are Nortel optical networking modules.  But these modules may also possibly be known as the Ciena NT5E02AC and NT5E05BB.

The NT5E02AC, HECI code F5RGB17, is an Optical Receiver 1300nm for the Nortel FD-565.

The NT5E05BB, HECI code F5MPB14, is a DEMXR/MONG for the Nortel FD-565.

The FD-565, or FD565, is a 1987-vintage 565 Mb/s Nortel optical transport system.

In addition to these FD565 components, we are searching for modules for other Nortel optical systems, including OM 6500, S/DMS TransportNode OC-3/OC-12, and the OM 5200.  We would be happy to make an offer any list of equipment that you email to us.

Nortel Networks

Updated July 1, 2020

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