TruePulse is interested in purchasing NT6H82FB for the Nortel FMT-150.

The Nortel FMT-150 you say?   Was that before the printing press was invented?  Not sure about that.  It may be ancient technology, but you can’t kill this dependable optical transport platform.  Some of these have been in service an incredible 40 years!

It is possible that you may have encountered the NT6H82FB under any of the Nortel, Northern Telecom or even CTDI brands.

The NT6H82FB, HECI code M3OCEG1/ M3OCEG17AA, is a FMT-150 SM Optical Interface, DMI-F45.

The FMT-150 transmits one, two or three DS-3 signals, up to 84 DS-1s and a maximum of 2016 voice circuits. Designed to interface with DS-1 input signals, the FMT-150 utilizes 150 Mb/s fiber transport plug-ins (with up to three DS-3 inputs) and offers plug-in commonality with the DMT-300.

The FMT-150 offers:

  • Standard interfaces: DSX-1, DSX-3
  • Optional MX3 multiplex protection
  • Accepts a mixture of DS-1 line signals, i.e. AMI and B8ZS
  • Optional front access
  • Microprocessor controlled monitoring and diagnostics
  • Extended temperature range option
  • True hubbing capability
  • DS-1 and DS-3 remote loopback route diversity

The FMT-150’s maintenance system can be accessed multiple ways: through computer links through the RS232 remote operations port (ASCII) or RS422 remote alarm port (TBOS E2A) that provide complete, monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities, including fault sectionalization of the remote site. You can also monitor alarms and controls at local sites.

In addition to the NT6H82FB, TruePulse is interested in other Northern Telecom FMT-150 boards.  We are also actively looking for other Nortel optical transport platforms, such as the OM 5100, the OME 6500, the CPL, and the OM 3500.


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