TruePulse would like to purchase NT6X60CA and NT6X69MA circuit boards for the Nortel DMS-100.  You may possibly know the NT6X60CA and NT6X69MA under either the Genband or Ribbon Communications brand.

The NT6X60CA, HECI code ENPQAV3, is a DMS-100 North American LCM (Line Concentrating Module) Ring Generator.  The NT6X60CA ringing generator is a vertical mount version of the ringing generator for the North American market. The NT6X60CA is a single card that provides the required functionality that used to require two cards in the NT6X60AA ringing generator. The NT6X60CA is backwards compatible with the NT6X60AA.  The NT6X60CA operates with the NT6X25 remote line concentrating equipment (RLCE) frame supervisory panel (FSP). The NT6X60CA is in the host interface equipment (HIE) shelf in the RLCE.

The NT6X69MA, HECI code ENPQ53U, is a DMS-100 Message Processor Card.  It interfaces and processes signaling and control messages between the RCC (Remote Cluster Controller) and the CC.  The NT6X69MA card is structurally nearly identical to the NT6X69AB. The wait–for–start–of–message (WAM) timeout value and the wait–for–acknowledge (WACK) timeout values for the NT6X69MA and the NT6X69AB are different. The WAM and WACK timeout values for the NT6X69AB are 1 ms, in contrast to the NT6X69MA at 50 ms. This difference enables the card to be compatible with the enhanced network (ENET).

The NT6X69AB (CPP message protocol and tone card) incorporates the functionality of the NT6X79AA (CPCE tone generator card) into the NT6X69AA (CPP message protocol card)

Ribbon Communications, through its Genband acquisition, provides limited support for the DMS-100.

In addition to the NT6X60CA and NT6X69MA, TruePulse is interested in other DMS-100 modules.  Furthermore, we are looking for modules to other voice switching systems, including the Lucent 4ESS, the Lucent 5ESS, Siemens DCO, and the Ericsson VSE.  Before you scrap them, please let us know about any voice switching cards that you have!


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