TruePulse would like to buy NT7E05AF, NT7E05AG and NT7E05AH for the Nortel S/DMS TransportNode OC-3/OC-12 system.  It is possible that you may be familiar with these as Ciena NT7E05AF, Ciena NT7E05AG and Ciena NT7E05AH.

TruePulse is currently looking to purchase:

  • NT7E05AF, HECI code SNI2DAD1AA, is an OC-12 LR 1310 VTM optical interface circuit pack
  • NT7E05AG, HECI code SNI2EAD1AA, is an OC-12 LR 1310 VTM optical interface circuit pack
  • NT7E05AH, HECI code SNI2FAD1AA, is an OC-12 LR 1310 VTM optical interface circuit pack

The OC-12 VTM circuit pack provides:

•interface to the OC-12 signal

•bandwidth management at the STS-1 level and at the VT1.5 level

•timing to maintain the synchronization of the network element

Bandwidth management

The OC-12 VTM circuit pack can perform bandwidth management at the STS-1 level and at the VT1.5 level. To perform bandwidth management, the circuit pack must perform both synchronization and switching.

The synchronization function aligns the STS-1 and VT signals so that the ANSI Switch ASIC can perform time slot management. Alignment enables the ANSI Switch ASIC in the circuit pack to locate the constituent STS-1 or VT time slots of the signals received at its input ports. Switching at the STS level requires STS-level synchronization; switching at the VT level requires VT-level synchronization.

Synchronization means that the received SONET signal must be aligned to the system clock. STS-level synchronization is achieved by performing STS pointer justification on the STS synchronous payload envelope (SPE) extracted from the received SONET signal. VT-level synchronization aligns the VT frames within an STS-1 to the 2 kHz system clock. This alignment requires VT pointer processing on each VT1.5.

To perform switching, the OC-12 VTM circuit pack contains a central STS-1 and VT cross-connect located in the ANSI Switch ASIC. The ANSI Switch ASIC has three bidirectional STS-12 ports and is fully nonblocking. Any VT1.5 at any add/drop port can be connected to any VT1.5 at any line port. TruePulse buys and sells decommissioned Nortel optical modules.  In addition to looking for other S/DMS TransportNode OC-3/OC-12 cards, we are also looking to purchase cards for other Nortel optical platforms including the S/DMS TransportNode OC-48.

Nortel NT7E02LC

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