TruePulse would like to purchase NT8E01FB and NT8E01RB for the Nortel S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE.  This system is alternately called the FDN2400, or the Classic OC-48, Optera, MOR or MOR Plus.  You may possibly know these modules as the Ciena NT8E01FB and Ciena NT8E01RB.

The NT8E01FB, HECI code SNTR7DB, is a Nortel OC-48 long reach 1310nm 1+1/1:N transmit interface (FC).  The NT8E01FB supports OC-3, STS-12, or OC-12 tributaries only when quadrant 3 (slots 12 to 14) is either  not equipped or equipped with only DS3 or STS-1 tributaries. For multi-shelf 1:N systems equipped with regenerators, you must not use the NT8E01RB circuit pack with high jitter tolerant receive interfaces (NT8E02D series).

The NT8E01RB, HECI code SNT2BCD, is a Nortel OC-48 long reach 1541nm 1:N enhanced transmit interface (FC).  The NT8E01RB supports OC-3, STS-12, or OC-12 interfaces in all four quadrants of an OC-48 terminal shelf.  It is used in 1:N systems equipped with high jitter tolerant receiver interfaces (NT8E02Dx) or with the low jitter tolerant receiver interfaces (NT8E02Cx).

In addition to the NT8E01FB and NT8E01RB, TruePulse would like to acquire many other modules for the Nortel S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE.  We are also interested in modules from other Nortel/Ciena optical transport platforms, including the OM 6500, the DMS-100, the Connect DX and the CoreDirector.  Please contact us about any decommissioned Nortel Central Office equipment that you have.


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