TruePulse would like to locate surplus NT8X46AA and NT8X47AA for a Nortel MSL-100.

The NT8X46AA, Heci code ENPQAFR, is an MSL-100 Ser Time Switch card.  It may also possibly be known as Genband NT8X46AA or Ribbon Communications NT8X46AA.

The NT8X47AA, Heci code ENPQSKS or ENPQN01, is an MSL-100 Integrated Voice/Data Line card.  It may also possibly be known as Genband NT8X47AA or Ribbon Communications NT8X47AA.

Nortel Meridian is a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephone switching system.  It provides voice features, data connectivity, LAN communications, computer telephony integration (CTI) and information services for corporate customers (as opposed to service providers).  The MSL-100, or Meridian SL-100; is the large version of the Meridian based on the DMS-100.

The SL-100 is still supported by Ribbon Communications.

TruePulse buys and sells cards for the Nortel Meridian.  We are also interested in cards for other voice switching systems, including the Nortel DMS-100, Lucent 5ESS, and the GTE GTD-5.

Nortel DMS-100

Updated April 27, 2020

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