TruePulse is looking to purchase NT9X44AD and NT9X53AB circuit packs for the Nortel DMS-100 switch.

The NT9X44AD, HECI code ENPQAX9, is a DMS-100 SLM III Assembly. You may also be familiar with it as a Genband NT9X44AD.

The NT9X44AD system load module 3 (SLM 3) is the software image storage and loading device for the DMS SuperNode SE computing module. The main function of the NT9X44AD is to boot the switch. The NT9X44AD provides the following features:

• emergency bootload of the computing module and message switch from disk or tape.

• image dump to disk or tape.

• load mate inactive CPU (while active CPU is call processing).

• offline transfers from tape to disk, or disk to tape.

The NT9X53AB, HECI code ENPQNCD, is a DMS-100 MS System Ext Clock.  You may also be familiar with it as a Genband NT9X53AB.

The NT9X53AB, or DMS-SuperNode clock circuit pack, generates accurate timing signals from two digital phased locked loops (DPLL). The DPLLs use Stratum 3 oscillators. With a remote clock, one of the DPLLs can use a Stratum 2 or 2.5 oscillator. The DPLLs generate clock signals and 8 kHz frame pulse signals. The NT9X53Ab can lock onto a highly accurate external clock source, like a Stratum 1 (caesium) oscillator.

Genband, now Ribbon Communications, no longer supports the DMS-100.

In addition to the NT9X44AD and NT9X53AB, we are interested in other Nortel DMS-100 circuit packs.  Furthermore, we are looking for circuit packs for other voice switches, such as the DMS-1 Urban, the Lucent 5ESS, and the GTE GTD-5.

Nortel DMS-100

Updated November 11, 2020

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