TruePulse is searching for NTAX78AB and NT1X55FA for the Nortel DMS-100.  They may also be known as the Genband NTAX78AB and Genband NT1X55FA, or the Ribbon NTAX78AB and the Ribbon NT1X55FA.

The NTAX78AB, HECI code ENPQAXE, is an Enhanced Time Switch for a DMS-100.  The use of Digital Test Access capabilities on S/DMS Access Node Basic Rate Interface (BRI) ISDN lines requires the Enhanced Time Switch.  The NTAX78AB extends support on the Enhanced Subscriber Module-100 URBAN of DTA capabilities to Basic Rate Interface (BRI) ISDN lines terminating on the DMS-1 Remote Carrier URBAN. With this, the network provider can monitor circuit-switched B channels and B-channel packet data connections of a BRI loop terminating on the URBAN.

The NT1X55FA, HECI code ENPQAW6, is a DMS-100 Disk Drive Controller.  It is also known at the Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) DDU, which is a disk drive mounted directly on an IOC card. The SCSI DDU is based on the industry standard SCSI. The SCSI DDU provides a migration path to the Fault−Tolerant File System (FTFS) for all DDU applications.

In addition to these cards, we are looking for other Nortel DMS modules.  We are also looking for modules for a broad range of Nortel platforms including the Optera 3500 and the S/DMS TransportNode OC-48.  Please phone us at 1-905-770-7571 to let us know what you would like to sell.

Nortel DMS-100

Updated April 28, 2020

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