TruePulse is searching for NTAX78BA and NT9X40BA circuit packs for the Nortel DMS-100. 

The NTAX78BA, HECI code ENPQA0N, is a DMS-100 Universal Enhanced Time Switch.  The Enhanced time switch (ETS) card is functionally equivalent to the NT6X44CA time switch card. As of NA003, the NTAX78 replaces the NT6X44 that will implement DTA for ESMU or SMA. As of NA004, SMA interfacing TR-303 compliant terminals require the NTAX78 card. The ETS card is required to perform ISDN DTA functions on an ESMU or any subtending RCU ISDN lines.

The NT9X40BA, HECI code ENPQAK2, is a DMS-100 ENET (Enhanced Network) Quad Fiber Interface.The ENET+ quad fiber paddle board is used to receive, transmit, and repeat four DS512 fiber links.  The ENET message clock card, NT9X36BA, provides two DS512 message links between the ENET shelf processor and the message switch. It also provides the clocks and timing signals required by the shelf. The card and its associated paddle board NT9X40BA (ENET+ quad fiber paddle board) provide two DS512 communication links between the ENET shelf and the duplicated message switches (one link per plane).

As the DMS-100 product line was sold to Genband and then Ribbon Communications, you may know the NTAX78BA and NT9X40BA under their brands.

In addition to these cards, we are looking for other Nortel DMS modules.  We are also looking for modules for a broad range of Nortel platforms including the OME6500, the Optera Connect DX, the S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE and the S/DMS TransportNode OC-3/OC-12 systems.

Nortel DMS-100 NT9X40BA

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