TruePulse would like to purchase NTCA01GK and NTCA01SK for the Nortel Optera Connect DX platform, or a Nortel Optera LH1600.

The NTCA01GK, HECI code SNT3F81, is an OC-192/STM64 Transmitter 1530.33nm +/-.  You may also be familiar with it as a Ciena NTCA01GK.

The NTCA01SK, HECI code SNT8BAA, is an OC-192/STM64 Transmitter 1536.61nm +/-.  You may also be familiar with it as a Ciena NTCA01SK.

The OC-192 DWDM transmit interface aligns with a 100 GHz optical frequency grid that is a subset of the complete ITU-T grid. The DWDM transmit interface receives traffic as sixteen STS-12 serial links from both switch modules and transmits these as an OC-192 signal.

The OC-192 DWDM transmit interface circuit pack is used in the OC-192 bays only. It is available in 32 different wavelengths. 

The OC-192 DWDM transmit interface performs the following functions:

• insert section and line overhead bytes

• encode the overhead for forward error correction (FEC)

• select the data and clock coming from switch module A or B

• synchronize the data with the system clock

• transmit the OC-192 signal with enough power to drive 80 km of optical fiber

The OC-192 DWDM transmit interface also provides the following features:

• software provisionable output power and chirp polarity using the Equipment menu of the NE UI.

• editable circuit pack wavelength using the Equipment menu of the NE UI screen

Nortel MDed the Connect DX 20 years ago.  As you can imagine, Ciena has limited support capabilities for it.  But TruePulse can still find most wavelengths of transmitters and regenerators.

In addition to the NTCA01GK and NTCA01SK, TruePulse is interested in other wavelengths of transmitters for the Connect DX too.  Furthermore, are interested in purchasing modules for most other Nortel/Ciena platforms, including the 6500, Optera Metro 5100/5200, the CoreDirector and even the OM 3500.  Please let us know about your surplus Central Office equipment!


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