TruePulse is searching for NTK530QA and NTK530QM for the Ciena OME 6500 high-capacity networking Packet-Optical Platform.

  • The NTK530QA, HECI code WOWUA6B, is a 4x10G OTR 4xXFP/4xSFP circuit pack
  • The NTK530QM is a 4x10G OTR 8x XFP circuit pack

The 4x10G OTR doubles the capacity of the 6500 2x10G OTR module. Four groups of line (XFP) and client (SFP+/XFP) pluggable optic ports can be provisioned individually for flexible and increased service velocity. The line-side ports support XFP pluggable optics that can be tunable DWDM, fixed DWDM, CWDM, or gray optical interfaces.  The 4x10G OTR provides low-latency 10GbE connectivity to address specialized enterprise applications. The 4x10G OTR supports a variety of client protocols, including OTN, SONET/SDH, and Ethernet.

In addition to the NTK530QA and NTK530QM, TruePulse is searching for many other Ciena OME 6500 modules too.  Furthermore, we are looking for modules for other Ciena optical networking platforms, such as the CoreDirector, the CoreStream, and the CNX-5.

Ciena OME 6500 circuit pack

Updated November 11, 2020

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