TruePulse is looking to purchase NTK536FA and NTK539QJ modules for the Ciena 6500.  You may possibly also be familiar with them as the Nortel OME6500 NTK536FA and Nortel OME6500 NTK539QJ.

The NTK536FA is a eMOTR 4x XFP/8x SFP+/32x SFP Circuit Pack for the Ciena 6500 optical transport platform.

eMOTR modules such as the NTK536FA are high-density, packet-enabled muxponders (up to 152 Gb/s per module) and complement the 6500’s central packet and Optical Transport Network (OTN) fabric capability to address lower-density bandwidth requirements. Deployment does not require a central fabric and the modules operate flexibly in all 6500 D-Series and S-Series shelf configurations to meet site-specific requirements.

An eMOTR module can be mated via the backplane with another collocated eMOTR to provide additional switching capacity, service ports, and/or equipment redundancy without the use of inter-card faceplate cabling or a central fabric. eMOTR(s) can also be mated with a 40G coherent line interface for efficient aggregation and grooming of Ethernet services directly onto a 40G wavelength. This modularity allows flexibility with the ability to adjust to different networking requirements. An operator can scale up to 300 Gb/s to support more services simply by inserting a second eMOTR module.

Leveraging its card-mating capabilities, the eMOTR offers a variety of equipment grouping capabilities with both packet-enabled and optical transport clients. It can peer with transport as well as Ethernet switching equipment to operate seamlessly over a service provider’s existing infrastructure.

Because of the SAOS (Service Aware OS) integration, the eMOTR modules offer packet software and user interface commonality with Ciena’s remaining Packet Networking Portfolio for all Ethernet service functions.

The NTK539QJ, HECI code WOTRC6S, is a FLEX3 WL3e (WaveLogic 3 Extreme) OCLD Premium w/ EDFA NXOTU4 C-Band module for the Ciena 6500.

The NTK539QJ utilizes the WL3e programmable encryption chipset that provides two modules methods:

Extreme 16QAM2 – Provides double the capacity and spectral efficiency of 100Gb/s with 200Gb/s per wavelength for all applications

Extreme QPSK3 – Provides strong performance of 100Gb/s per wavelength for most long-haul and transatlantic submarine distances.  It also provides enhanced non-linear mitigation for best performance alongside 100G channels

In addition to the NTK536FA and NTK539QJ modules, we are also seeking other modules for the Ciena 6500.  We are also looking for modules for many other Ciena platforms, including the CoreDirector, the CoreStream and the DN4100.

Ciena 6500 optical module
Ciena 6500 optical module

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