TruePulse is looking to purchase NTK539UA and NTK539UH modules for the Ciena 6500 optical transport platform. 

The NTK539UA, HECI code WOTRCPG / WOTRCPGFAA, is a 100G WL3 (WaveLogic 3) OCLD Enhanced PMD w/ EDFA 1xOTU4 C-Band Circuit Pack.  The circuit pack has a reach of up to 1800 km, supports a 30 ps PMD limit, and operates in the DP-QPSK mode.

The NTK539UH, HECI code WOTRCPF / WOTRCPFFAA, is a EDC100G WL3 OCLD (Optical Channel Laser and etector) Premium Long Haul with EDFA 1xOTU4 C-Band Circuit Pack.   The circuit pack has an application specific maximum reach, supports a 50 ps PMD limit, and operates in the DP-QPSK mode.

The 100G WaveLogic 3 OCLD circuit packs, both NTK539UA and NTK539UH support similar features provided by the 100G OCLD modules (NTK539TxE5) and also provide longer reach, increased PMD support, higher shelf density, lower latency, and colorless networking support.

Both the NTK539UA and NTK539UH are tunable in the 1528.77 nm to 1566.72 nm range.

In addition to the Ciena NTK539UA and NTK539UH, we are also searching for other Ciena 6500 modules.  Furthermore, we are looking for modules for other Ciena/Nortel optical transport platforms including the Connect DX/HDX platform, the S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE, the OM 3500 and the CoreStream.    We will be happy to make an offer on any Ciena optical networking equipment that you have.


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