TruePulse is looking to purchase NTK667AA and NTK760MK modules for the Ciena 6500

The NTK667AA, HECI code WOTRDW4, is a PKT/OTN (Packet/OTN) Interface 100G 10xXFP Circuit Pack.  It supports SPLI (Service Photonic Layer Interoperability).

The NTK760MK, HECI Code WOTRDP4, is a 2x100G WL3n (WaveLogic 3 Nano) Enhanced C-Band PKT/OTN Interface Module.

OTN or Optical Transport Network, also known as G.709 or digital wrapper, is an industry-standard optical transport protocol and is intended to promote network evolution beyond SONET/SDH and provides simple transition to 40G and 100G transmission speeds. OTN is also purpose-built for packet optical and wavelength-based transport.

WaveLogic 3 is Ciena’s coherent optical chipset. It supports several modulation formats:

  1. Dual-channel DP BPSK for 100G
  2. DP QPSK for 100G Ultra Long Haul (single channel 100G)
  3. 16QAM for 200G
  4. Dual-channel 16QAM for 400G

In addition to the NTK667AA and NTK760MK modules, we are also seeking other modules for the Ciena 6500.  We are also looking for modules for many other Ciena platforms, including the CoreDirector, the DN 7200 and the S/DMS TransportNode OC-3/OC-12 system.


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