TruePulse is actively searching for Nortel Optera 3500 NTN445DA and NTN445EB circuit packs.   They may also be known as the Ciena OM3500 NTN445DA and the Ciena OM3500 NTN445EB.

NTN445DA, HECI code SN98DK4, is an OC-192 LR G.709 FEC circuit pack.  It is a Long Reach, non-DWDM module working at 1550nm.  The main transport OC-192 circuit pack operates at an OC-192 line rate of 10.709 Gbit/s. The OC-192 circuit pack can be installed in slots 11 and 12 in a UPSR, 1+1 linear system and BLSR. In the 1+1 linear protection scheme, OC-192 circuit packs can be provisioned in either unidirectional or bidirectional mode.

NTN445EB, HECI code SN971E0, is an OC-192 DWDM G.709 FEC circuit pack.  It is a DWDM card at 1533.47nm, B1 Ch2.

ITU-T Recommendation G.709 Interfaces for the Optical Transport Network (OTN) defines a methodology of communicating data over an optical network. It is a standardized method for transparent transport of services over optical wavelengths in DWDM systems. The G.709 OTUk signal is positioned as a server layer signal for various client signals, such as SDH/SONET, ATM, IP, Ethernet, Fibre Channel and OTN ODUk.  G.709 supports advanced OAM&P capabilities such as Tandem Connection Monitoring (TCM), End to End performance monitoring, connectivity monitoring, signal quality supervision and General Communication Channel (GCC).

In addition to the NTN445DA and NTN445EB, TruePulse would like to acquire many other modules for the Nortel Optera Metro 3500.  We are also interested in modules from other Nortel platforms, including the DMS-100, S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE, the OM 6500, and the Connect DX.  Please contact us about any decommissioned Nortel Central Office equipment that you have.


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