TruePulse would like to purchase NTNX45AA and NTNX46AA boards for the Nortel DMS-100. 

The NTNX45AA, HECI code ENPQ9AX, is a DMS-100 HSI (High Speed Interface) Processor Card.  You may possibly be familiar with it as a Genband NTNX45AA.

The NTNX46AA, HECI code ENPQAJ1, is a DMS-100 HSI (High Speed Interface) DS-512 Paddleboard.  The DS-512 connects the computing module (CM) to the message switch.  You may possibly be familiar with this board as a Genband NTNX46AA.

The DMS SuperNode features increased processing capacity across a distributed architecture allowing for the development of new features and services. Each of the elements of the DMS SuperNode uses a common SuperNode CPU hardware design differing only in the software used to control them. The SuperNode consists of two main elements: DMS Core and DMS Bus.

The DMS Core provides the main computing facility and is made up of the Compute Module, System Load Module and a Message Controller. The Compute Module contains redundant SuperNode CPUs to handle call processing and maintenance functions and, like the NT40 core, can operate in a synchronized mode with its mate. The System Load Module contains all the necessary software for every element of the DMS switch and also provides file system and data storage functions on magnetic tape and hard disk. The Message Controller provides communications links between the DMS Core and the DMS Bus.

The DMS Bus is used to interconnect the DMS Core, the switching network and the Input/Output controller (IOC) and manage message flows between these units and consists of redundant Message Switches. The Message Switches of the DMS Bus operate in a load-sharing mode and one of them provides the main clock source for the DMS-100 system while the others are synchronized to it. Messages between all SuperNode units are carried by optical DS-512 links. One DS512 fiber link is the equivalent of 16 DS30 links.

Ribbon Communications no longer supports the DMS-100.

In addition to the NTNX45AA and NTNX46AA, TruePulse is also interested in other DMS-100 modules.  But we are interested in modules for other Nortel platforms including the DMS-10, the Optera Connect DX, the S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE and the MG-4000.

NTNX45AA and NTNX46AA are used by Nortel DMS-100

Updated March 11, 2022

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