TruePulse is searching for NTR651FL and NTR651RZ modules for the Nortel CS2000.

The NTR651FL is a Nortel CS2000 Compact PCI NSS MPC7457 1GHZ 512MB DDR2 RAM.

The NTR651RZ is a Nortel CS2000 Compact PCI, CPCI-6115, 2048 MB Memory, Compact Call Agent.

The Succession Communication Server 2000 or CS2000 (CS-2000 or CS 2000) was referred by Nortel as a Superclass Softswitch.  A smaller hardware variant was called the CS2000 – Compact.

The CS2000 was part of the Nortel Networks portfolio of Succession Networks products. It provides call handling capabilities for use with packet-based IP (Internet Protocol) and ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) media networks. These capabilities include a range of call processing agents, translations, routing, billing and services software.  Specific applications supported over packet bearer networks are VoIP (Voice over IP) and VoATM (Voice over ATM).  The CS 2000 platform supports a full range of national signaling variants, enabling interconnection to either the PSTN or customer premises equipment.

Nortel CS2000 Technology Pack was renamed to GenBand C20 Converged IP Softswitch Technology Pack starting from 1.3-F release.  The product is no longer supported by Ribbon Communications.

In addition to the NTR651FL and NTR651RZ, we are looking for other Nortel CS2000 modules too.  Furthermore, we are looking for modules for other Nortel platforms, such as the DMS-100, the OME 6500, the S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE and the MSS 15000.


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