TruePulse is looking for NTRX50NL and NTRX50NM for the Nortel DMS-100.  They may also be known as the Genband NTRX50NL and the Genband NTRX50NM, or even the Ribbon NTRX50NL and the Ribbon NTRX50NM.

The NTRX50NL, HECI code SOI3770, CPC code B0258279, is an IO Controller, Datavg Dual 36GB Disk, replacing the NTRX50NC.

The NTRX50NM, HECI code SOI3780, CPC code B0258280, is an IO Controller, Rootvg 36GB Disk/DAT, replacing the NTRX50ND.

These are both DMS-100 SuperNode Data Manager (SDM) components. SuperNode Data Manager is a fully integrated server/element manager that streamlines the OAM&P of DMS SuperNode systems, and offers a variety of advanced services over a high-speed TCP/IP interface.

In addition to the Nortel SDM components, we are looking for boards for other Nortel voice systems, including the MG 4000 and the MG 9000.  Please send us an email with a list of your surplus telecom gear.

Nortel DMS-100

Updated May 19, 2020

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