TruePulse is looking to purchase Nortel NTUC36AB and NTUC31TM modules.  They belong to Nortel’s Connect DX/HDX platform.

Launched in 2003, yes, these systems are long obsolete.  But TruePulse is trying to help carriers protect their multi-million dollar installed bases.

The NTUC36AB, HECI code WMEEXKV, is an Optera HDX I/O (4 x 10G) SR-1/I-64.1 Universal 10G module.

The NTUC31TM, HECI code WMTWES0, is an Optera HDX 4x10G, 1548.51/28.77/46.92/50.92nm transceiver module.

The Nortel Connect DX/Connect HDX Platform is a scalable multi-protocol switch/router.  It offers MPLS, IP Switching, and deterministic operation to handle packet/cell-based data traffic as well as real-time voice/video services.  Typically, the Connect DX/HDX employs the Nortel Passport 15000 Multiservice Switch subtending network elements to provide mixed data/voice/video service access and ATM adaptation.  The Optera Connect can provide SONET/SDH service cross-connect and transport configurations with scalable capacities up to 40 Tbps.

Other Connect DX/HDX modules that we are looking for include:

NTUC32CP  1562.23nm

NTUC32FP  1533.47nm

NTUC32KP  1552.52nm

NTU32KQ  1553.33nm

NTUC32LP  1557.36nm

NTUC32LQ  1558.17nm

NTUC32PP  1536.61nm

NTUC32QP  1538.19nm

NTUC32RP  1539.77nm

NTUC32TP  1546.12nm

NTUC32TQ  1546.92nm

NTUC32UQ  1548.51nm

NTUC32VP  1550.92nm

NTUC32VQ  1551.72nm

NTUC32WP  1554.13nm

NTUC32WQ  1554.94nm

NTUC32XP  1555.75nm

NTUC32XQ   1556.55nm

NTUC32YP  1558.98nm

NTUC32YQ  1559.79nm

NTUC32ZP  1560.61nm

NTUC39AA   Multi-service carrier CP

NTUC39JA  1x10G Service Module

NTUC32FA  2x10G Service Module

For information on Nortel Connect DX/HDX currently in stock click here

TruePulse buys and sells central office telecommunications equipment, including Nortel optical networking gear, including the Nortel S/DMS OC-48 Classic , Nortel Optera LH1600 , Northern Telecom Media Gateway MG-9000.


Updated Aug 5, 2020

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