NTWR30AA and NTWR07AA have arrived in stock.

Most people associate the Nortel Optera LH1600 and Optera Connect DX systems as 10gig wavelength DWDM systems.  However, non-DWDM modules are also available.  We currently have in stock the NTWR30AA, HECI SNT1Z2C, Dual OC-48 / STM-16 Short Reach T/R module.  We also have in stock NTWR07AA, HECI SNWC680, 10G SR WT w/EML 1530-1562nm.  Please phone for a price quotation.

We are interested in purchasing your Nortel Optera non-DWDM modules.  For example we are looking for Dual OC-48 modules NTWR30BA and NTWR30CA; the 10G Transmit/Receive modules NTWR06AA, NTWR06AB, NTWR06BB and NTWR06CA; the Quad OC-48 modules NTWR31AA, NTWR31AB and NTWR31BA.  In fact, we are interested in most Nortel Connect DX modules.

As Ciena www.ciena.com has manufacturing discontinued the LH1600 platform, we are on our own!


Nortel NTWR30AA

Updated December 17, 2019

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