TruePulse would like to purchase some Omnitron 8999-0-A modules.  Any chance that you have some extra units kicking around?

The 8999-0-A, HECI code COUIAEP, is a 2GXM for the Omnitron iConverter MSP (Multi-Services Platform).  In other words, a Fiber Media Converter and NID (Network Interface Device).

The modular iConverter Multi-Service Platform of media converter, transponder and multiplexer modules can be combined in a variety of chassis configurations to provide a managed, flexible and scalable fiber network architecture.

The iConverter 2GXM conforms to the Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) standards to support Fiber-to-the-X Metropolitan and Enterprise LAN networks. The 2GXM provides intelligent, securely managed service demarcation at the customer premises, offering Quality of Service capabilities. The 2GXM features built-in Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) with performance monitoring, fault detection and provisioning.

The 2GXM is available as either a compact standalone unit or as a chassis plug-in module. The hot-swappable 2GXM plug-in module can be mounted in a 19 or 5-Module chassis with any combination of redundant AC and DC power supplies. It can also be mounted in a 2-Module AC or DC powered chassis, or in a 1-Module chassis with AC or DC power input.

In addition for the Omnitron 8999-0-A, TruePulse buys and sells a broad range of central office telecommunication, and test & measurement equipment from vendors such as Nortel, Fujikura, DragonWave and Newbridge.

8999-0-A, COUIAEP, 2GXM
Omnitron 8999-0-A

Updated November 9, 2020

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