Dell’Oro Group, the Communication Infrastructure market research firm, forecasts that worldwide telco capex to decline 6% in constant currency terms in 2016. The sharpest declines are forecast for China and Europe.

Telecommunication equipment vendors may have a tough time meeting their sales quota for this year.  They are in a quandary.

But what about the telcos who are on a reduced budget?  Say you are a central office operations manager who must keep five-9’s service up, because of Service Level Agreements (SLA) with guarantees and penalties?  The ops manager know that they need to purchase, but their hands are tied.  In this case, going to a secondary market supplier such as TruePulse may be the best solution.  TruePulse can provide warranted equipment often for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new.  This equipment is typically new-surplus or used-pulls.

For obtaining a quote on secondary market Central Office equipment, please contact us for pricing and availability.

To see more details on the Dell’Oro report

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