Austalian telecom carrier Telstra

For many North Americans who may have considered Telstra to be just a large Australian domestic carrier, their views are largely out of date.  Telstra is rolling out fiber and services in a bid to become the dominant intra-Asian telecom provider.

According to Executive Director International Operations and Services, Darrin Webb, “We already own and operate the largest intra-Asia subsea network, representing around 30 per cent of total active capacity. These enhancements further extend our capacity and will support the provision of our leading technologies, such as Telstra’s PEN software-defined networking and cloud, security and unified communications services.

Some of their new network initiatives include:

  • The Bay of Bengal Gateway (BBG) cable system interconnecting Telstra’s leading networks in South East Asia and North Asia through to India and the Middle East
  • Opening up another route connecting Asia and the Americas on the FASTER cable system
  • Extending the operating life of Asia’s largest privately owned submarine cable networks (EAC and C2C) by seven years till at least 2035
  • Introducing the shortest and lowest latency path between Taipei and Hong Kong which we are creating by building a new overland fibre route in Taiwan that will bypass the natural disaster prone Luzon Strait
  • A new highly resilient fibre ring network in South Korea which fully interconnects Telstra’s points of presence (PoPs) and cable landing stations in the country to open up new options and offers improved network resilience both within Korea and for connecting Korea with the world.

With so much of the world’s economic growth centered in Asia-Pacific, Telstra seems well positioned to fill the telecom’s most promising market.

For more details on Telstra’s network expansion initiatives

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