TruePulse is searching for a Lucent TN1381B or TN1381BCG card.  They have HECI codes DSPQACY or CTTCS4E respectively.  It is a DCSS 240E Controller. 

The Digital Conferencing and Switching System (DCSS) is a microprocessor-controlled audio conferencing bridge.  The system provides conferencing applications ranging from business meetings, residential family reunions, and crisis management, to emergency action response coordination.  The DCSS is available in three configurations, including the DCSS 240e, which is mounted in a DEFINITY telecommunications system cabinet.  This configuration supports a 24 to 240 DS-1 port system. Avaya has long discontinued the DEFINITY.

The Controller circuit pack (TN1381B or TN1381BCG) provides the overall control and coordination of system operations.  The key component of the controller is the processor.  The high speed of the processor and the use of a specialized task- dispensing operating system allows the circuit pack to have continuous maintenance checking on all circuits.

When used to support the DCSS 240e or DCSS 240e-ns dual architecture design, two circuit packs are provided.  Every conference call processed by the system may be monitored by either Controller.  A Controller circuit pack (TN1381B) is associated with each system processor (processor 1 and processor 2). One Controller is active at a time and is in control of all system operations, while the other Controller is in the standby mode (inactive). The decision as to which Controller is active is made by the Alarm Maintenance Interface circuit pack (TN1288B) on the basis of periodic sanity checks.  When power is initially applied, the red system or processor 1 should be the active processor.  If the blue system or processor 2 is active, a problem most likely exists in the processor 1 system.

In a DCSS 240e or DCSS 240e-ns system, after line seizure is detected by a port circuit, the detection of the event is then passed on through the data bus to the active controller (during its next periodic scan of the port circuits). In the meantime, the standby controller also polls the port circuits in order to update its transient memory.  It also assigns an idle voice announcement channel to provide audible ringback tone, commanding the conferencing circuit to connect the appropriate voice announcement time slot with the port’s time slot.

In addition to the TN1381B or TN1381BCG, TruePulse is searching for other DEFINITY boards.  We are also searching for modules to other voice switches, including the DMS-100, the DMS-1U, the 5ESS, the MSL-100 and the GTD-5.


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