TruePulse is looking to purchase TN877 and BKD3 boards for the Lucent 5ESS.  The board may also be branded as AT&T TN877 and AT&T BKD3, Alcatel-Lucent TN877 and Alcatel-Lucent BKD3, or Nokia TN877 and Nokia BKD3.

The TN877, HECI code E5QP31R, Comcode 103910410 is a Lucent 5E55 circuit pack.

The BKD3, HECI code E5PQARR, Comcodes 106613128 and 108727744, is a Network Link Interface.

The 5ESS-2000 switch is a digital switching with distributed processing. Distributed processing means that multiple processors handle all call processing functions. Many processors are distributed throughout the system supported by a central processor. These distributed processors handle second-to-second decisions that must be made to process a call. Call processing, self maintenance, and testing are performed independently in each module. Processors communicate with each other via an internal digital network that links the module together.

The 5ESS-2000 Switch hardware has three major types of equipment modules:

1. SM (Switching Module)

2. CM (Communications Module)

3. AM (Administrative Module)

The SM connects all lines and trunks to the 5 ESS-2000 Switch. It performs most of the call processing functions. There can be many SMs per 5ESS- 2000 Switch.

The CM provides communication between the SMs and the AM. There is one CM per 5ESS-2000 Switch.

The AM provides administration and maintenance capabilities. There is one AM per 5ESS-2000 Switch.

Beyond the TN877 and BKD3, TruePulse is also looking for other 5ESS boards.  We are also looking for other modules from other Lucent systems such as the WaveStar OLS 400G, the DDM-2000, and the FT-2000.  We are looking to buy!

Lucent 5ESS, or AT&T 5ESS, or Alcatel-Lucent 5ESS

Updated April 28, 2020

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