TruePulse is seeking to acquire UN520 and UN651 circuit boards for the Lucent 5ESS.

The UN520, HECI codes E5PQN63, E5PQN64, E5PQANH or E5PQANP, Comcodes 106223332 or 108053497, is a Lucent 5ESS Modular Controller and Time Slot Interchange Unit Model 2, or simply an MCTU2 circuit pack.  You may alternately know this as an Alcatel-Lucent UN520, or possibly even as a Nokia UN520.

Located in the SMC (Switching Module Controller) cabinets are the two SM (Switching Module) control units, the SMP (Switching Module Processor) and the TSI (Time Slot Interchanger).  These two units are combined into the MCTSI (Module Controller and Time Slot Interchange), which is also referred to as the MCTU.

The UN651, HECI codes E5PQA3X, E5PQAZ5 or E5PQA48, Comcodes 108460692 or 109106864, is a Lucent 5ESS OXU, or Optical Controller.   You may alternately know this as an Alcatel-Lucent UN651, or possibly even as a Nokia UN651

In addition to the UN520 and UN651, TruePulse is searching for other Lucent 5ESS boards as well.  We are also looking for boards for other voice switching systems, such as the Nortel DMS-10 and DMS-100, the GTE GTD-5 and the Nortel Succession CS2000.  Please let us know what you may have available.

UN520 and UN651

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