Verizon LogoVerizon Enterprise Solutions will be rolling out managed SDN (Software Defined Network) Wide Area Network (Managed SD-WAN), a new intelligent managed networking suite of services for the enterprise. The SD-WAN technology will allow you to create a network from point-to-point, utilizing all the connections that are available at a given site, and then match the performance of a given path to the application requirements. This is the first part of their previously announced SDN strategy, see Verizon SDN partners

“Enterprises are challenged with managing a massive amount of traffic created by the expanding number of mobile users using cloud-based services and applications,” said Shawn Hakl, vice president of enterprise networking and innovation. “This makes a software-defined WAN the ideal choice for supporting increased traffic demands, especially as more network traffic originates from and is destined for the Internet.”

Verizon’s new offering maps each application on the network to a routing policy which is defined by the enterprise on an application-by-application basis. When network conditions shift, real-time automated and manual route changes enable enterprise data to be delivered over the best available transport for each application. This solution is ideal for enterprises looking to re-architect their network to efficiently handle the increasing amounts of traffic now commonplace in the enterprise setting.

“With Verizon’s Managed SD-WAN solution, enterprises essentially get the best of both worlds — public and private IP,” Hakl added.

Verizon’s first offering is based on Cisco IWAN networking technology.

To see details of the announcement, see Verizon SDN Launch

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